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Q. Do you provide your own PA and lighting?

Yes, our booking fee includes a professional JBL sound system & modern lighting suitable for up to 500 guests.

Q. Do you provide a contract for events

Yes. We provide a contract for a wedding or a corporate event which you are not obligated to take and can be discussed. We always meet the client (at the venue if possible) to discuss all of the details so that nothing is left to chance and we will bring the contract when we come to meet you. You can find a copy of our standard contract here.

Q. Are your prices and quotations fully inclusive?

Yes. We don't add on any extra charges unless a significant change is made by the client (after the contract has been signed and accepted)

Q. How long does it take you to set up your equipment?

We like to have access 2 - 3 hours before the first guests arrive to ensure our equipment is set up and tested. This depends on what we are providing for you. If this is not possible, we have alternative solutions which we are happy to discuss with you.

Q. We have been quoted a lot less for a disco. Why do you charge what you do?

We are a full time professional business. A lot of DJ's and disco operators are part timers who only do this for 'beer money'. They do not operate to the high standards that we do, and they are not fully insured and safety tested, and generally not as professional. A lot of quality venues won't allow such operators on their sites.

The lower end of the market DJ's are the one's that let you down. We've lost count of the number of calls we've had on a Friday or Saturday night saying the DJ that they have booked has said he can't make it.

Q. Can we pick our own music or give you a playlist?

Please see our policy on set playlists on our weddings page

Q. Do you take requests on the night?

Absolutely yes. We actively encourage guests to come and ask us for songs that they wish to hear.

Q. How much do you use the microphone?

This is normally tailored to fit in with your requirements and the 'overall feel' of the disco.

I use the microphone as much as I feel I need to. I am not 'mic shy' and am happy to make announcements, dedications, introductions etc, but it's not over the top or 'in your face'.

Q. I've seen some really scruffy DJ's. What do you wear?

We are always very well presented and turned out. Normally, the attire is shirt, tie and jacket or suit (depending on the type of function). A dinner suit can be specified for a formal occasion. Even our helpers or 'roadies' aren't allowed to attend a function looking scruffy. Themed events where a costume is required can also be catered for - we like to fit in! (Extra charge may apply).

Q. Why do you take a deposit and then payment before the night?

A 30% deposit is taken to ensure the date you book is reserved. We always take the remaining balance before the event for the following reasons:

Q. Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes. A copy of my insurance certificate can be viewed here.

Q. Are you an experienced DJ?

Yes. I have been DJing for over 18 years.

Q. Who would our DJ be?

I will usually be your DJ although we occasionally bring along another experienced DJ when we are working with a live band purely because of the workload. If you book me without a live band, you get me.

I never pass my bookings onto other DJ's. The only time you may get someone else covering for me is if I was too ill to attend, or had had a serious accident.

Q. Do I need to arrange a changing room for you?


Q. Do I need to arrange meals for you?

No. We do appreciate being invited to the buffet / hog roast if available as our working day is in excess of 12 hours however, this is not necessary.

Q. Can you perform in a marquee?

Yes. As long as we can gain access to load / unload our equipment - We are not able to traverse over muddy fields or up/down embankments

We are able to use generators if they are provided by a professional hire company.

Q. Can you perform outside?

Yes. Our system is adequate for 250 guests outside. The performance area should be fully covered (top and sides) and provisions made for inclement weather.

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