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Space Requirements

We require a space/stage for the band which measures a minimum of 6 metres wide and 3 metres deep. In addition, we need a space for the DJ equipment and the sound & lighting desks measuring 2 metres x 1.5 metres with clear view of the stage. This is usually next to the dance floor to enable the DJ to interact with the guests at the party.

Electrical Requirements

We require a minimum of 2 x separate 13 Amp sockets (normal domestic sockets) on stage and 1 x 13 Amp socket in the vicinity of the lighting / sound desks. We do not play in venues that have sound limiters.

Set Up Times

All of the bands that we work with provide a comprehensive and polished 'show' for your big day. Consequently it takes us several hours to setup and test all of our equipment, set the stage, ring out the mics, customise the lighting etc. Therefore, we have to either setup before any of your guests arrive, or we setup in a different room to the wedding breakfast. Most venues have never seen bands like ours and therefore don't understand our requirements and so it is important that we meet at the venue to discuss both your and our requirements.

Sound Limiters

We are always conscious of volume levels and play at appropriate levels. Some venues employ sound limiters which cut the power should the sound level exceed a certain value for a preset time. There is a risk that our equipment could be damaged when the power is switched off and on again and so we do not play in venues which have sound limiters fitted. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience


Call me now on 07710 450426 or email me to discuss your requirements. Live Music

As an experienced sound engineer and, being both cooperative and organized, I am happy to work with other entertainers (live bands etc) providing the equipment and sound engineering that they require.

I also provide integrated entertainment packages in amalgamation with several excellent bands including:

All of these bands are excellent and guarantee to make your celebration come alive. None of these bands are 'pub bands' doing weddings but are dedicated function bands providing a polished show.